Cetraro is 45 minutes from the airport of Lamezia, where flights arrive from London, Brussels, Frankfurt and the major Italian cities.

It can also be reached in 20 minutes by train from Paola, the main stop in the province of Cosenza on the ROME – REGGIO CALABRIA route.



Relax, luxury, and fun, at hand.

Cetraro is a small town located in the heart of Calabria.

This area offers everything you need: the mountains and the sea are the perfect inspiration for activities such as hiking or sailing, while towns like Cetraro and Diamante offer restaurants and plenty of night-time entertainment.

The elegant Hotel San Michele, which has hosted celebrities such as Sophia Loren, is just minutes from the villas and offers a beautiful golf course overlooking the sea, perfect for days of fun and relaxing, and amazing panoramic terraces for meetings or cocktails with friends.

The port of Cetraro, the largest within 200 km, is located at the foot of the Caparrua villas, it is perfectly equipped and hosts up to 600 boats.

any owners of large and magnificent boats have already bought their villa in Cetraro, which serves as a strategic launch point for Mediterranean trips, with the Aeolian islands just a few km away.

The beach, the Sanctuary of Monte Serra and country roads lined with cows and wild horses are the ideal location for long, relaxing, scenic walks, whether strolling in the tranquillity of the orchards or through the sweet smells of the woods, enjoying the wilderness of nature at its best.


A quiet retreat overlooking the sea.

The silence, peace and serenity that can be felt in Cetraro and in the surrounding countryside is priceless.

Here souls rest and bodies are revitalised, nourished by the genuine fruits of the earth and by the incomparable views of an extremely varied landscape, with its mountains rich with Mediterranean vegetation spilling right into the sea.

Living on this land means constantly facing breath-taking views: from Cetraro the view stretches to the horizon, where the blue of the sea merges with that of the sky.

Turning your head a little reveals a completely different scenery: the imposing Monte Serra, with its lush forests, painted in many shades of green.


The pride of local products.

The fruits and delicacies of Calabria are famous all over the world.

Cedars, peppers, onions and red, juicy tomatoes are the pride of Calabria!

The cedar DOC, found only in Calabria, around Cetraro, produces as many as 4 DOC wines as well as delicate cedar-based liquors, black liquors known as “Nocini” and liquorice-flavoured liquors.

Typical dishes include supremely tasty anchovies from Cetraro and the unmissable red pepper: the best variety in Italy can be found in the nearby town of Diamante, which hosts the pepper Academy and market.


A ‘genuine’ land, waiting to be discovered.

The historic centre of Cetraro is rich in alleys, arches and charming views.

Walking through the narrow streets of the centre is to immerse yourself in an authentic Southern Italian atmosphere, rich in folklore.

A land full of hidden treasures, such as the sanctuary on top of Monte Serra or the Lunigiane Spa, just 5 km from Cetraro; pleasantly liveable, with its warm Mediterranean climate in summer and mild winters, this is a place of unique human warmth, due to the local people who open their hearts to their guests, making them want to stay forever.

You’ll believe it when you see it: on leaving Cetraro you’ll be hit by a longing to return.

You’ll be coming back to Calabria!

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