House details


    Equivalent Square Meters(Number of SQM for Tax purposes in Italy):251
  • Villa Sq. Metres:178
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • SQM Garden: 1110
  • Terrace and Porches sq. meters: 28
  • No. of Parking Spaces: 2
  • Accessories: Outdoor Showers
  • £280,000


Villa ‘Agave’

Located on the highest point of the hill, near the edge of the forest, it makes use of the location of an old farmhouse. The structure is built on two floors and split in accordance with traditional designs. It is accessed from the side street that leads to the property’s private parking lot.


The entrance to the house is through the portico area, built in line with the main facade, which offers an incredible view of the sea and Monte Serra. The large living room features a painted metal structure (columns and beams) that creates space for the staircase and a kitchenette. On either side of the living area are two bedrooms, one of which is directly accessible from the living room and serves as a possible extension. On the first floor the large storage area adjoining the two rooms provides access to a portico area, also offering a view of the area. The outdoor areas in front of the house, paved to match the portico and landscaped with lawns and aromatic shrubs, are bordered by stone walls, which provide a pleasant seating area.


The villa reflects the natural character of Calabria. The tiled roof is gabled with traditional eaves; the structure of the portico is made of wood, with roof tiling. The floor is made of a mixed structure of concrete with exposed wood beams and joists. The exterior walls are finished with lime plaster; window frames, complete with doors, are in painted aluminium, which ensures durability and reduced maintenance. The columns of the portico are covered with local stone. The living area, rooms and bathrooms are paved with porcelain tiles; the stairs are marble-floored. The colours and materials are aimed at creating a relaxing and translucent environment, which communicates with the natural light and with the sea behind the villa.

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